The Ein Gedi Story

How We Got Our Name

The original Ein Gedi Spring is located in the middle of Israel’s Judean Desert. In the Bible, David found refuge at the waterfall and freshwater pools.  In the midst of the frenetic pace of Fairfield County, Ein Gedi Spring encapsulates the spirit of rest and and a place where you can recharge and find a temporary refuge.

Our Vision

“We want our customers to experience rest and refreshment, in an atmosphere committed to their best interest. Our prices are low, our mechanics are honest and satisfaction is guaranteed. We provide rest for you and your vehicle.” 

The Team

Matt and Jerry provide the highest quality service for your automotive needs. Matt and Jerry want to empower and restore its customers, especially those that have felt vulnerable, misled or ill-informed from their previous car repair experiences. 

Daniel, Matt & Jerry

Rest and Recharge

Like the Ein Gedi in Israel, we provide an oasis for you, a place where you can rest.  Rest in your decision to have your vehicle repaired here.  You will be educated on what your vehicle needs and what it does not need.  No upsell and no unnecessary repairs.  

Fairfield County's Best Mechanics

"Great service! They are very friendly and clear about what needs to be done. We even thought some other things needed to be changed, and after checking, they said we were good. Appreciate their honest and thoroughness. Will continue to take both mine and my husband's cars here."

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